Alerts, alerts and more alerts!

In this issue: 1) how to set up an alert in the ebook database ITPRO and 2) how to set up free alerts from a variety of news sources and publishers.

Is one of your new year’s resolutions “to keep up with the latest news and information and be the first-to-know”? Well then, we can help! A few months back we discussed how to set up an email alert in EBSCOhost. This handy feature lets you know when a new article is published in your area of interest by sending you a brief email. Simply specify your area of interest, your email address, how often you�d like to receive an alert and you could be the first to hear when a groundbreaking research article is published! Alerts are not only a great way to keep up with new research developments but also allow you to manage that ever present �information overload�. (And certainly they give you great fodder for conversations around the water cooler!) Here is information about other alert services available @ The BRAIN and on the web:

1) Did you know that you can be alerted about new books added to ITPRO?
ITPRO is a database that contains hundreds of online books in the areas of information technology, business, and e-commerce. Recently published books on cutting edge technologies are added weekly. Access ITPRO from the Library’s Databases web page.
Here�s how to set up an alert so that you can keep abreast of new titles added to ITPRO each week:
1. First, you�ll need to log in to ITPRO. If you haven�t already created a login, it�s easy! The login is your own personal login; it does not have to be your staff number. Select the �Login� button from the top bar to create your login.

2. After logging in, select the �Account Info� button.

3. Select the �Preferences� link from the left side bar.

4. Your personal information will display and below that you will see many options for email notifications. You can be alerted about all new books, only new books like those on your bookshelf, receive newsletters and more. Select the radio buttons that apply and then select the �Update� button (located at the bottom of the screen.)

5. Once set up, you�ll receive a weekly email message notifying you of new ebooks added to ITPRO.

Please note: ITPRO is one of the many licensed databases to which the Library subscribes. This means that access is limited to the Mohawk community only�if you log in from off campus you will be asked to enter your login. This �remote access� login (different from the ITPRO login described above) is your student or staff number. The system asks for 14 digits so precede your student or staff number with the requisite number of zeros to add to fourteen. You won�t need to log in if accessing the database from within the college. More information about logging in remotely.

2) More Alerts�
Many news web sites offer free email alerts containing the latest newsbreaks. For example, the CBC web site sends an email whenever a major national or international story breaks. Visit: to register and for more details. Similarly, The Globe and Mail offers free daily, weekly and monthly alerts on a variety of subjects such as technology, sports and books. Check it out at: The popular news service CNN also offers alerts that are extremely customizable. You can specify keywords and each time a story is published that mentions the keywords, you will be alerted. You can also specify how often you would like to receive the alerts. One word of warning though� the registration process is very extensive. For more details, visit:

Many textbook and academic journal publishers offer alerts as well. A comprehensive list of alert services from major book and periodical publishers is available at:
This list was compiled by the librarians at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and lists alert services from a wide range of publishers and online bookstores, many of which are free. Check it out if you�d like to keep up to date with the latest publications in your field.

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