Library Research Tips

This week we feature more library research tips: 1) Instant bibliographies via ProQuest, 2) How to find the hard-to-find in EBSCOhost, 3) fast searching for PDF documents in Google, and 4) interesting article about libraries in PC Magazine.

1) One more reason to use our online databases for research: instant bibliographies!
All of our ProQuest databases (Applied Science and Technology Plus, Canadian Business and Current Affairs, and ProQuest Nursing Journals) offer the ability to create bibliographies instantly from the articles that you have found in the database. Here�s how:
1. Perform a search in one (or all) of the Library�s ProQuest databases. (These can be found on the Databases web page. Look in the �Producer� column in the chart for the word �ProQuest�.)
2. Check off the articles you would like for your bibliography.
3. Select the �Marked List� tab from the top menu bar. Your list of articles appears.
4. Select the �Print� link.
5. There is a wide variety of bibliographic styles to choose from: APA, MLA, Turabian, etc. Select the style of your choice and then the Print button.
6. If you do not wish to Print right away, select the �Cancel� button within the Print dialogue box. You can save the web page if you would like an electronic copy instead. Some bibliographic styles (such as MLA) require that you enter the name of the Library. If additional information is required, it will be noted in the display.
7. Voila! Creating a bibliography has never been easier!
And don�t forget�if you need to prepare an MLA or APA bibliography from scratch there are some excellent guides on The BRAIN! These include examples and are in PDF format for easy printing.

2)EBSCOhost Searching Tip
Have you ever done a search in EBSCOhost and come up short even though you thought there should definitely be something published on your research topic? Here is something to try�
1. Enter your search words in the Find edit boxes as you do normally.
2. Scroll down the search page or select the �Expanders� link. At the bottom you will see options to �Expand� you search.
3. Check off the option to �Also search within the full text of articles�. This option enables the search engine to look for your search words within articles and not just within the author, title, abstract, etc. fields. Doing this usually results in more hits.

3) Google Tip
Sometimes PDF or Word documents contain more in depth information than other types of documents on the Web. There is a quick way to narrow your search to PDF and Word documents in Google. Try this: type your search terms and then type inurl:pdf or if you would like to find Word documents: inurl:doc (For example: Olympics inurl:pdf will find PDF documents about the Olympics.) You can also use the Advanced Search feature on Google to limit your search to PDF, Adobe PostScript, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Rich Text Format.

4) PCMagazine Article on Library Resources
The February issue of PCMagazine contains a fine article on the resources that you can find at your local library. Take a look!

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