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In this issue, a few big news items (TheBRAIN�s extreme make-over and Google�s Digitization plans) as well as a cool tool (Way Back Machine) and some yule (festive ebooks)!

1) Extreme make-over @ The BRAIN
Check out TheBRAIN�s new look. In an effort to conform to the corporate wide colour scheme (and also because we thought it might be time for a change), the colours on The BRAIN have been changed from yellow/red. The content is the same and everything is in the same place�only the colours have changed!

2) More big news from Google: Digitization
On Tuesday (Dec. 14th) Google announced plans to digitize books and make them freely available online in partnership with some major libraries (Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Oxford and the New York Public Library.) The books from these libraries will be scanned and then placed online so that they can be searched from Google web sites. The project is to take a decade and millions of books and documents are to be scanned. Public domain books will be available in their entirety while books still under copyright will be scanned in full (for searching purposes) but only excerpts will be available to access. The project will begin with 2 million public domain books. Links in the result list will lead to local libraries and/or bookstores.
More info through CNN, Search Engine Watch, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.
P.S. Did you know that many projects currently exist that offer access to full-text books in their entirety? BRAIN_blog mentioned a few of these in a previous issue (see the 2nd and 3rd entries under March 23rd.)

3) Time Travellin’ with The Way Back Machine
In case you have forgotten what TheBRAIN used to look like (or any web site for that matter) and would like to take a look, check out the Way Back Machine. This web site archives over 30 billion web pages. The BRAIN is archived back to 2001. Others are archived back to 1996. You need to know the old URL of the site in order to view the archives (for example, the BRAIN�s new URL ( retrieves zero hits so you would need to use the old URL ( Have an old web site that you�d like to look back on? Check out the Way Back Machine and relive the old days of the web!

4) Christmas ebooks
In keeping with the season, we thought we should let you know that The BRAIN offers access to a few good holiday reads. Venture into netLibrary (from the Databases page) to access Dickens� A Christmas Carol, The Gift of the Magi, and The Night Before Christmas!

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