Win a DVD Player, Liven up Lunch and Furl It

1) Win a DVD player and more!
Did you know you could be entered to win a DVD player, memory stick or copy card just for taking 10 minutes to fill out a survey? Yes, it�s true! The Library is inviting everyone at Mohawk to fill out the LibQUAL+� survey to let us know what you really think of us. LibQUAL+� is a survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries. The purpose of the survey is to provide libraries with an effective method to measure the quality of library service based on the perceptions of students, faculty and staff. You have until March 18th so hurry on over to the web site! Or come on over to the Rotunda tomorrow (Wed., March 9th) and grab some pizza while you fill out the survey during our Snack ‘n Survey event.

2) Liven Up Your Lunch Hour Again!
The Library continues its lively lunch hours with 2 sessions tomorrow (Wednesday, March 9th) during Common Hour: Unravel the Mysteries of APA (Room A108) and Unravel the Mysteries of MLA (Room A106). Grab your lunch and fasten your seatbelts for a fast and lively tour of these bibliographic formats! More info

3) Fun with Feeds Continues
The Library�s electronic book database Safari Tech Books Online, now offers RSS feeds of new titles. Simply mosey on over to Safari Tech Books Online and click on the orange RSS button (bottom centre of screen) to add this feed to your feed reader. Every time new content is added to the database, you�ll be the first to know!

4) New Campus Technology Newsletters and Blogs

Want to keep up with the latest news in instructional technology? Check out 2 new news sources from leaders in the field at Syllabus Campus Technology and EDUCAUSE. Syllabus offers a �News Update�, �IT Trends� and �Technology-Enabled Teaching�, all email newsletters that you can subscribe to at their web site. EDUCAUSE, meanwhile, has launched a series of blogs on a huge array of topics. Read what others have to say or contribute youself. The EDUCAUSE Community Blog Service is currently in beta. Admittedly, this blog space can be a bit confusing as blogs are organized by contributor name, topics, comments and recent entries and there are 41 blogs on this one site. However it is worth the effort to dive in and start reading as the content is interesting, varied and positively bubbling with exciting ideas!

5) Furl It!
Last issue I promised some info on, a fanstastic, free web management and social bookmarking tool. What can Furl do for you? Furl is like Favourites in IE or Bookmarks in Netscape but on steroids. You can save web sites just like you can with Favourites/Bookmarks by clicking a �Furl It� link on your toolbar. But in addition (brace yourself, this is the exciting part), you can categorize your links under various topics, add descriptions and ratings, share your list of links with others, access your links from any computer, subscribe to other peoples� list of links, let other people know when your list of links has been updated, see what links other people have been collecting, and generate an APA or MLA-formatted list of your links instantly! Okay, maybe a bit much for the average surfer. But handy if you have many research links that you want to share with your class. Also handy if you want to encourage your class to look for research links and share them. Here are a few steps to get you started:
1. Go to:
2. Click on the orange �Create Your Free Account� button.
3. Once logged in click on the My Tools tab.
4. The options for saving the Furl It button or toolbar are displayed. If you�d like the �Furl It� option to appear in the menu when you right-click on a web page, click the �Furl-It.reg� link to download this tool. If you�d like Furl It to appear in your Favourites, right click �Furl It (complete)�, and choose �Add to Favourites� from the menu. Say �yes� to the next screen that appears.
To save a web site with Furl:
1. Right click and choose Furl It or choose Furl It from your Favourites.
2. Login.
3. The Furl It-Save Page box opens. The title of the page and URL automatically appear. Other options for you to fill in are: topic, rating, comments and a clipping from the page.Click the Save button and you’re good to go.
Next issue’s featured information management tool will be: Nextaris!

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