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Welcome back to another new semester at Mohawk! For the first BRAIN_blog issue of the semester, we have a summary of all the new library e-services we�ve been working on throughout the summer just for you! As well, for those who were completely away (i.e. not even daring to touch their computer all summer�and to that, I say �good for you!�), we have a recap of some of the summer BRAIN_blog issues that you may have missed! Yes, the BRAIN_blog never sleeps. Without further adieu, here is: I) summary of new services and II) recap of summer BRAIN_blog issues!

I) New Services at the Library @ Mohawk
1) BRAINlinks
Our biggest news is the launch of BRAINlinks Recommended Web Resources. BRAINlinks is a comprehensive database of the Library’s web-based resources. We’ve revamped our current Recommended Web Sites by Subject to include more resources and comprehensive searching features that allow you to zero in on exactly what you want, quickly, easily and in no time flat. One exciting feature is the ability to email or save your result set � grab your results and go! More info

2) Self Service (with a smile)
As mentioned in the August 10th BRAIN_blog issue, you can now recommend a title for the Library to purchase while wearing your favourite pj�s. In these same modest accoutrements, you can also book a video for your class and place items on reserve for your students. How can such a feat be accomplished you ask? Head on over to the facultyspace and you will find self-service forms to recommend a title, place an item on reserve or book a video. All of these forms are located in the left sidebar of the facultyspace home page. The links are: Recommendations (your path to enlightening us as to which title you�d like to recommend for the Library!), Reserves (no, not the Army�this is where you can place items on reserve!) and Book a Video (exactly what it says!)

3) More facultyspace goodies�blogging bonanza
While you�re at the facultyspace you may also want to check out the links we�ve added on the fine art of blogging. Click on the Tech Toolbox link and at the top of the page you�ll see a link called �all about blogs�. Here you�ll find resources on blogging that we think are the top 5 out there. Check them out and get your blog on! Need more help? Just drop me a line! I�m happy to share the joy of blogging with faculty.

4) New titles list
Wondering what titles the Library has been busy purchasing over the summer months just for you? Well wonder no longer! A complete list of the titles newly added to the Library @ Mohawk collection can now be found on TheBRAIN in the left sidebar (click New Titles under �About the Library�). This list can also be accessed from the facultyspace�.just click �New Arrivals� from the left sidebar. The new titles list will be updated every month so check back often!

5) Now, tell us what you REALLY think
One thing we love in Libraryland is feedback�good, bad, ambivalent�it doesn�t matter, we love it all! Now there is a new way to let us know what you really think of TheBRAIN. Look in the left sidebar of TheBRAIN home page under Library News, and click �Take Our Survey!� The rest is up to you!

6) More magazines and journals!
For those who were away, (perhaps gallivanting through the summer sands), the Library acquired access to even more online magazines and journals in June.
Yes, to the thousands of articles from popular magazines like Time and Maclean�s and journals such as Lancet and The Economist you can now add literally piles of more magazine and journal titles. These new titles come in the form of EBSCOhost databases such as Academic Search Elite, Health Source � Consumer Edition, Military & Government Collection, and more. To see these new databases in action, head on over to the Databases page at TheBRAIN.

7) Everything you wanted to know�
�about the Library@ Mohawk can now be discovered in the Library FAQs. Check it out and resolve all those library mysteries you�ve been harbouring. Can�t find the answer to your question? Then, try chatting with us�

8) Chat with the Friendly Library People
Have a question? Need answers straightaway? Then it�s time for AskTheBRAIN! Navigate over to AskTheBRAIN and ask those undying questions that could not be answered in the Library FAQs. Library folk are standing by Monday � Friday, 10am � 9pm and Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am � 5pm. AskTheBRAIN offers the advantage of co-browsing�that means that you and the library staff person can look at a web page together and browse the Internet at the same time. Yes, it�s quite dandy! The virtual doors open on Sept. 12th!
Ok, that last bit wasn�t exactly news as AskTheBRAIN has been around for ages, but who could resist that wonderful segue from the Library FAQ piece?

9) MyHamilton
Ok, we admit it; we in the Library @ Mohawk cannot take credit for this next news item. But we also could not let another minute go by without telling you about some positively electrifying news in the e-world just for Hamiltonians! In a few short days, (on September 13th), Hamilton will be home to a brand new community portal! MyHamilton is a supersite that will house all of the information currently found on the City of Hamilton website and the Hamilton Public Library website, and will also feature comprehensive information on Hamilton Communities and Organizations, Business and Industry, Culture and Recreation, Tourism, and much, much more. In addition, myHamilton is a portal that you can personalize! Create your own login and then be able to customize the portal to your liking, save search results, access your HPL Library account, make purchases online (for example, dog licenses, parking tickets, etc.) In short, do everything from finding out when the next garbage pickup is, to joining a yoga class, to starting up your own online yahtzee group (I know you want to)�.all from the comfort of your comfy slippers! Before the launch, use this link: http://www.myhamilton.ca/myhamilton . After launch, the URL will be: http://www.myhamilton.ca/

10) Coming Soon�.BRAINtogo!
Have pda, will travel? Soon you will be able to get in touch with the Library @ Mohawk while you�re mobile! All the essentials such as contact info, hours, locations and more will be at your fingertips when you�re on the go! Watch this space for further announcements!

II) Recap of summer BRAIN_blog issues!
There is nothing better than reliving those glorious summertime memories so for your reading pleasure, here are links to some summertime BRAIN_blog articles you may have missed:

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