Into the swing

Into the swing
In this issue: 1) E-Journal Portal, 2) BRAINwave of the month, 3) roundup of e-world news.

1) E-Journal Portal
As you know, the Library has access to thousands of electronic magazines and journals (9,196 to be exact!) through the online databases to which we subscribe (EBSCOhost, ProQuest, etc.) Finding out if the Library has access to a particular electronic journal or magazine you are interested in used to be a tad tricky and not a whole lot of fun. Now, it�s a breeze with the Library�s new E-Journal Portal! Such a breeze you�ll want to do it again and again, just for the sheer exhilaration!
Search E-Journal Portal for a magazine or journal title and find out instantly in which online database the title resides. Then, (if the title is available) link instantly to that publication within the database. View in a glance all of the issues that are available for you to access (for some publications, access goes back decades!)
Not sure of the exact title of the magazine or journal? No problemo! Browse all of the titles available in an alphabetical list. Need a rundown of all of the titles we have in your subject area? Browse the collection by subject. Subjects are further subdivided by subheading so that you can see right away the number of titles for each facet of the subject you are interested in. Is it a citation that you are after? Simplissimo! Just type the relevant info into the Citation Linker and link away!
Check it out!

2) BRAINwave of the month: Journal Alerts!
A new feature for the BRAIN_blog, �BRAINwave� will describe a tip for maximizing your access to the many e- resources accessible on TheBRAIN! This month�s BRAINwave features the journal alert!
What is a journal alert and why would you want such a thing, you ask? Journal alerts take the form of email messages that notify you when a particular magazine or journal that you select, has been published. In addition to notifying you of a new issue, the email message also provides the table of contents of the new issue. You can then link directly to articles you want to read from the table of contents in your email message! Beautiful, n�est ce pas?
Now let�s get started!

  1. From TheBRAIN, click Find articles from magazines and journals.
  2. Select the EBSCOhost database you are interested in searching. (EBSCOhost databases have the word �EBSCOHOST� in brackets beside the title of the database. Not sure which one to choose? Select the �more info� link under the database title if you would like to know more about any of the databases listed or go to the Databases main page to choose a database by subject.)
  3. Click the Publications button from within the top green navigation bar.
  4. In the �Browse Publications� box, type in the magazine or journal title. (Note: make sure to use the �Browse Publications� box rather than the �Find� box.)
  5. Look for your title in the result list and click on the blue link for your title.
  6. In the top right corner you will see a link: �Journal Alerts�. Click this link.
  7. You will be asked to log in. If you haven�t created a login yet, select the link �I�m a new user�. Create a unique login for yourself. This doesn�t have to be your staff or faculty number; it can be any login of your choice.
  8. The next screen presents a form for you to fill out. Here you can specify the email address(es) where the alert will be sent, etc.
  9. Select the Save button.
  10. Now, each time a new issue of this title is published, you will be sent an email with the table of contents and links to the articles in EBSCOhost.Need a demo? Come into the Library or try Ask The BRAIN to see a demo of how to set up an alert!

3) E-World News Roundup
A quick roundup of news in the Internet search and e-world!

  • This month, Highwire Press launched a new and improved web site. Highwire, a project of Standford University Libraries, is the �largest repository of free, full-text, peer-reviewed content, with 876 journals and 973,612 free, full-text articles online.� It has been around for three years and offers some dreamy features such as the ability to set alerts (like the Journal Alert I described above), save favourite links and perform comprehensive searches.
  • Blog fans out there will be happy to learn that Google this month launched a Blog Search Service. You can search for individual blogs or blog postings. Have used it to discover that there are other brain blogs out there � say it isn�t so!
  • Fans of the educational resource from the U.S. Department of Education, ERIC, will be pleased to learn that a citation management feature is now available. You can now save records to �My Clipboard� and then print, email or export records, as well as save them to a folder in your My ERIC account. The export feature is compatible with citation-management software! More info
  • Sept. 24th begins Banned Books Week. See the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2004 here!
  • Looking for that perfect RSS Reader? SearchEngineWatch published a great roundup of readers in the beginning of September!
  • Last month, AskJeeves added more �Smart Answers� to their search service. Smart Answers provide actual answers rather than links to web pages in search results. For example, type in a search on a country and get quick facts about the country at the top of your search results (such as capital city, population, location, head of government, languages, etc.) as well as links to further information in the CIA World Factbook, at the BBC, and (very important) current weather! More info
  • Last month, a new search service launched (in beta) that lets you share your search results with others. Jeteye lets you save your searches, add notes, tags, and images and then share them with your favourite folks. Registration required (free).

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