Hot, hot, hot!

It is hotter than Hades outside which means it�s time to seek out air conditioned facilities and lounge about in them for hours on end �and guess what? The Library @ Mohawk is air -conditioned! Yes, not only do we offer books, computers, expert assistance, but also nice, cool, refreshing air! While you are here, why not try out some of the hot, new trial databases we have on offer, check out our sizzling new Info To Go pathfinders, test out this week�s hot library tip or read the latest EDUCAUSE Quarterly (all of which are detailed below!) And hey, if you are one of the blessed who have a/c at home, then you can try all of these online resources from the comfort of your own air-conditioned home! Yay!

1) Hot, new trial databases!
For a limited time only we have a plethora of delightful online databases to try out�check them out and let us know what you think! Here is the list:

The Scientific & Medical ART (SMART) Imagebase is a collection of 10,000+ high quality illustrations and animations depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery, diseases, conditions, trauma, embryology, histology, and many, many other topics. SMART Imagebase users may download images for educational, non-commercial use in lectures, presentations, slide shows, web sites and more.

Business Source Premier is the industry’s most used business research database, providing the full text for more than 8,800 serials. Business Source Premier provides full text back to 1965 and searchable cited references back as far as 1998. Coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business

Communication and Mass Media Complete provides access to journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study to create a research and reference resource of unprecedented scope and depth encompassing the breadth of the communication discipline.

SocINDEX with Full Text is the world’s most comprehensive and highest quality sociology research database. The database features more than 1,600,000 records with subject headings from a 15,600 term sociological thesaurus designed by subject experts and expert lexicographers. SocINDEX with Full Text contains full text for 253 “core” coverage journals dating back to 1895, and 72 “priority” coverage journals. This database also includes full text for 547 books and monographs, and full text for 6,711 conference papers.

CINAHL with Full Text provides indexing for 2,737 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health. CINAHL with Full Text also contains searchable cited references for more than 1,150 journals and provides full text for 329 journals, plus legal cases, clinical innovations, critical paths, drug records, research instruments and clinical trials. PDF backfiles to 1982 are also included.

Mental Measurements Yearbook provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 2,000 contemporary testing instruments. Designed for an audience ranging from novice test consumers to experienced professionals, the MMY series contains information essential for a complete evaluation of test products within such diverse areas as psychology, education, business, and leadership.

SPORTDiscus with Full Text offers comprehensive, bibliographic and full text coverage of sport, fitness and related disciplines. This database contains over 230 full text titles. In addition, SPORTDiscus with Full Text also contains over 650,000 records with journal and monograph coverage going back to 1800; over 20,000 dissertations and theses and reference to articles in 60 different languages.

Country Watch is a database of information on every country in the world and includes: CountryReviewsTM, an up-to-date series of publications for each country including demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information; the CountryWireTM, which provides daily news coverage for every country in the world and a significant news archive made up of the compendium of regional news carriers; and the CountryWatch ForecastTM, a five-year macroeconomic forecast for each country. (Password required, contact Library staff for access.)

info to go2) Sizzling New Library Service: Info To Go
Need info in a hurry? Try Library take-out! Info To Go is the name of the library’s guides to finding information in a particular subject area. The guides contain links to web sites, books and/or online magazines, journals and articles on a subject. Print them off and take them to go! So far, Info To Go guides are available on the following topics: Writing Guides, Medical Terminology, Public Relations, Labour Market Information, Job Search Resources and Active Citizenship. More are on the way! To access, click the Info To Go link on the blue navigation bar on TheBRAIN. No chopsticks required!

3) Hot Library Tip: Narrow your search to Canadian content only in BRAINlinks!
Looking for free and reliable Canadian content on the web? Well, we can help! Use BRAINlinks to narrow your search to Canadian content only! On the BRAINlinks search page, click on the Canadian Content Only checkbox, type in a keyword and you�re off to the races!

4) Blazing News @ EDUCAUSE!
The latest issue of EDUCAUSE Quarterly has been released! This issue features a great article on the use of social software in academia, (aptly titled Social Software in Academia). I touched on some of this info at my Connections Conference session, Get Social! If you�re hungry for more info on social software and applications in education, check out this comprehensive article that covers blogs, wikis, VoIP, social bookmarking and social networking!

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