Everything Old is New Again!

Welcome back to another new semester at Mohawk and for the newbies, welcome to Mohawk! As usual, our first blog posting of the school year features loads of new stuff from both the Library @ Mohawk and the world of web research. Here’s the rundown of what we’ll cover in this issue: 1) newly designed facultyspace, 2) new StatsCan interface, 3) new look for netLibrary, 4) new face for the EBSCOhost databases, 5) new EBSCOhost database, 6) makeover for Choices Explorer, 7) new podcasts from the Library, and 8) new instant help menu.

1.) newly designed facultyspace
The web site designed just for faculty at Mohawk has had an extreme makeover. In addition to the new look, there are additional features! You can now search for a resource by keyword, limit your search to Canadian content only or to faculty faves (our picks) or search by format of material (blog, podcast, reports, tutorials, etc.) In addition, you can save results you like and email, print or save them! And don’t worry – the same great services that you�ve come to rely on are still available! For example, the video booking form, place an item on reserve form and recommendations form are still on the site – click “library info” from the navigation bar and make your selection.

Are you wondering, “just what exactly is a facultyspace?” The facultyspace contains just over 200 web sites grouped into four main subjects: classroom corner (sites dealing with classroom management such as plagiarism, assessment, etc.), learning4you (a collection of sites on conferences and courses), reading room (online magazines, journals and reports in the field of education) and technology toolbox (sites on instructional technology, e-learning and new technologies in the classroom.) You can browse by subject area by clicking on the top navigation bar or the “explore the space” box, or you can search by subject, keyword, type of info, etc. Take ‘er for a whirl and let us know if you’d like to see anything added or changed – it’s your space, faculty!

2.) new StatsCan interface
That venerable and trusty source for all things statistical, StatsCan has also had a facelift. The new site offers an improved search function, access to statistics by subject and more! Check out the new and improved side bar for ease of navigation, the lovely Statistics by Subject box in the lower right corner, and when you choose a subject, check out that nice, clean layout! Admit it – you’re excited!

3.) new look for netLibrary

NetLibrary, the massive collection of electronic books that you can access through the Library web site, TheBRAIN has also introduced a new look! My, it’s pretty! And in addition to the new look, there are loads of new features such as: spell checking (like Google’s “Did you mean…?”), ability to see related terms to narrow a search, ability to search and view results in a few other languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. To access netLibrary, click Find electronic books from TheBRAIN homepage, then, click netLibrary. Check ‘er out!

4.) new face for the EBSCOhost databases
Yes, everyone put on a shiny, new face this summer, including EBSCOhost! Check out the nice, new face on all of the EBSCOhost databases and be amazed by the vibrant colours and 3-D effects! And just in case you’ve forgotten – EBSCOhost is the provider of a wealth of online journal and magazine articles in a whole whack of subject areas (health, business, humanities, science, etc.) To access, click on the link Find articles from magazines and journals on TheBRAIN homepage!

The Library has purchased access to another EBSCOhost database: Scientific and Medical Art Image Database which is
a collection of 10,000+ high quality illustrations and animations depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery, diseases, conditions, trauma, embryology, histology, and many other topics. You can download these images to use in your classroom and presentations! Coming soon to the Other Databases section of TheBRAIN!

6.) makeover for Choices Explorer
Choices Explorer, the career information resource that you can access on TheBRAIN has also received a makeover. After you sign in at the top right corner, you will see a Choices Explorer image on the next screen. Click that image and you’re off to the races. Remember, if you need the login, just get in touch with Library staff. To access Choices Explorer, click Databases from the blue navigation bar on TheBRAIN, then select Careers from the Subject dropdown menu.

7.)new podcasts from the Library!
This month, the Library launched TheBRAINcast: Podcasts from the Library @ Mohawk. Every two weeks, we will feature a unique audio segment about some exciting aspect of the Library @ Mohawk! Each segment will last approximately 5-10 minutes. We’ll feature tours of each campus Library, Library tips and tutorials, research guides and more! Check out the podcast information page, head right to the BRAINcast web site or download the first podcast here (requires QuickTime). This week, we feature a tour of the Library @ Fennell campus!

8) new instant help menu
Check out the colourful menu on TheBRAIN homepage to get to the information you need quickly and easily. From this flashing menu you can access the Library AskUs! page (which lists all the ways you can get help from the Library @ Mohawk), a BRAINtour (a five minute whirlwind tour of TheBRAIN in Flash, with audio), the tutorials page, the Library Frequently Asked Questions, and the Library catalogue – go to TheBRAIN homepage to find the instant help menu, click on the box of your choice and you’re there!

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