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Some of you are wrapping up and getting ready to head on out for the summer….so we’ve made sure to give you a nice, long list of books and web resources to check out in this issue of BRAIN_blog as we wouldn’t want you to suffer from boredom while you are away. Yup, we’re thoughtful that way. For those of you who are taking off, have a relaxing break and see you in September! For those of you sticking around…drop on by the Library and say ‘hi’!

Library News

Trial Databases Galore!
Wow- check out the abundance of trial databases on offer! Here’s what we’ve got for you:
AccessEmergencyMedicine: “Online service that allows users to quickly search the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of emergency cases with videos.”

AccessMedicineSuite: “Find information necessary for completing evaluations, diagnoses, case management decisions, conducting research, medical education, or self-assessment and board review.”

AccessPharmacy: Online resource that “allows students to select a core curriculum topic, browse by organ system, review textbooks, or search across leading pharmacy online references.”

AccessSurgery: “Online resource that provides medical students, surgical residents, and practicing surgeons with quick answers to surgical inquiries from trusted sources.”

Harrison’s Practice: Designed by medical experts makes for fast searching of 700 diseases and disorders, supporting rapid diagnosis and effective treatment plans. And in no time at all, you have the exact drug information you need, including indications, contraindications, patient education, and so much more, that you can use instantly and store for further consult.

OMMBID: Online metabolic & molecular bases of inherited disease database

New Books!
Don’t forget about all of those new books that keep coming in. For example, The Leader’s Digest: Timeless Principles for Team and Organization Success by Jim Clemmer. What better time than summer, to sit back, read and hone leaderscover.jpgthose leadership skills!



Our ebook databases continually get updated with new titles too! Check out these new ditties recently added to the Safari Books Online database:

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques

Project Management for Mere Mortals®

The Myths of Innovation

Making Your Mark in Second Life: Business, Land, and Money

Office 2007: The Missing Manual
…and so many more!

New Podcast!
Coming this week to the BRAINcast website…our newest podcast on………podcasts! Want to find out how to create your very own podcast? Do you listen to podcasts but you’re not entirely sure what they are? Well, lend your ear and get the full scoop!

Web World News

Free Educational Materials!
There has been in influx lately of free, quality educational materials from top institutions such as MIT, Stanford etc.! For example, check out iTunes U where you can access course lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports highlights, and campus tours — from such leading universities as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Simply launch your iTunes client, and look for the iTunes U link to get started.

Similarly, MITWorld contains links to lectures and videos created by the folks at MIT. Listen to top MIT professors and researchers as they talk about everything from arts to history to engineering to rocket science (yes, there’s even rocket science!


Can’t get enough? Check out ResearchWorld for over 3,000 webcasts and videos on a variety of subjects. Search by institution (many research universities included), title or subject. Then, grab a bag of popcorn, sit back and watch the fun begin!

Video sharing: More than YouTube
Did you know there is more than one place on the web where you can share your videos? Yup, there are tonnes….check out this list from lightreading to find the best home for your homemade video!

Searching the web: More than Google
According to a new study by researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Queensland University of Technology in April 2007 on behalf of Dogpile and InfoSpace,”[f]irst page results on Google, Yahoo, Windows Live (MSN Search) and Ask (Ask Jeeves) overlap less than 1 percent”! This means that your search results will be different depending on the search engine that you use. If you use Google all the time, you could be missing information! Also revealed in the study: 88.3 percent of total results were unique to one search engine and only 0.6 percent of total results were shared by the top four search engines! What does this mean? It means you may want to cast a wider net when searching on the Internet. Perhaps try an alternative engine to Google or try a clustering engine that displays search results from many engines at the same time. Some examples of these types of tools are Clusty, Dogpile and Surfwax.

E-Learning News

Educause has revamped its Connect web site so that it now includes the repository of Educause reports and white papers as well as features that allow you to comment and contribute to the content. In addition, check out the blog where folks can contribute conference presentations, useful links and commentary, listen in to the podcasts where folks can upload talks and interviews, and this is really funky….browse a list of subjects, choose one and then see where that subject appears in various EDUCAUSE publications, conferences, community resources and on the open web. Nifty!

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