Happy New Year!

Here at theBRAIN_blog, we’re looking forward to 2008. We hope you are too. This week, just a quick check in and hello to all.

During the writing of this post, it’s chilly and sunny outside, just the kind of weather to get us moving and trying to stay warm. Maybe that means moving some brain cells and learning something new.  Is there something new you’d like to try this year? Why not make a positive resolution to learn something new instead of the usual fitness, diet and budgeting stuff?

Can I make a suggestion? Why not make 2008 the year you learn about a new technology? Try a blog, or how about set up a Flickr account to share all the holiday photos you took with your new digital camera? I’m learning more about my MacBook – learning Keynote, Apple’s presentation software.  It’s the software Al Gore used to create his presentation in an Inconvenient Truth – now that’s a great slide show!  This will be the year that the library switches to new software, I have lots of learning to do about it too. You’ll hear more about that as the year progresses.

We’ll be back next week with predictions for 2008 technology trends.

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