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Even though its almost the end of January, I seem to still be in New Year mode. You know, thinking about new things, planning and making those dread resolutions! Foremost on my mind? Professional Development, both receiving and giving. I’m planning, trying to wrap up a research project with a colleague. We’re gearing up to present our findings to folks and get an article ready. I’m looking at the conference calendar and trying to decide what would be best for my learning goals this year. Do you make goals like this? Maybe your learning path is already well established and you’re moving along it just fine. Did you know that our employer will put $600.00 annually towards all full-time employees’ professional development? Whether your learning path is underway or this is the year you start – talk to your supervisor, talk to HR, make this a great learning year for you.

Your Mohawk librarians are gearing up for one of their favourite annual PD experiences. Next week, we’re off to the Ontario Library Association conference. It is held annually at this time of year in Toronto. We always come away from it brimming with enthusiasm for our profession and with lots of good ideas. The seed for this very blog was planted at the OLA conference a few years ago! It is so good to see what others are doing in their libraries and to be able to blow our own horns a bit. Presentations at OLA will be done this year by 4 Mohawk librarians! Don’t worry about being abandoned though – our excellent Information Services staff will be here, on the front lines, giving the same fabulous service that they always give.

I am also excited that the annual Ontario community college conference called This is I.T. is being hosted here at Mohawk this spring. Our colleagues over at the Centre for Teaching and Learning are organizing this one for us. Check out their blog for more information. They sent out a call for session proposals not too long ago, there’s still time to submit something. I hope to see lots of Mohawk folks telling others about the exciting things they’re doing in their classrooms with technology. Be sure to mark this one on your calendar. I attended in Durham last year, its a great learning experience.

Maybe your professional development this year will involve writing and publishing? Maybe self-publishing is an option. A reliable self publisher allows you as the author to publish your writing as you would like to see it published. It gives you lots of editing and creative control over the final product. If this appeals to you then maybe Lulu is for you. The ever reliable Resource Shelf pointed me to an Educause article about a web-based, self-publishing service called Lulu, it’s called 7 Things you Should Know About Lulu. Check it out.

Lastly, I promised you some more information about our Library@Mohawk Book Review. Ladies and gentlemen, start your reading and writing engines. We’d like you to read a book from the Mohawk fiction collection and send us a review, around 250 words long. If you really prefer to read non-fiction, we’ll take reviews about it as well. I’ll keep you posted about dates but at some time towards the end of the semester, a judging panel (made up of instructors and librarians) will decide on the best reviews submitted. We at the BRAIN will publish them on the BRAIN website. We hope to make this an annual affair so please join us and get the first one off to a roaring success. Keep an eye on Mocomotion for more information about final deadlines and maybe some incentives or prizes along the way. Happy reading. We’ll post more information about where to send your reviews on the BRAIN, stay tuned.

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  1. How can I possibly resist a conversation on Professional Development? I love that “Conference rush” – sitting with a group of like-minded people, listening to inspirational speakers, sharing best practices, and checking out new resources. And yes, the opportunity to step away from the College, gain a little perspective, and reflect on the value of my work. How rejuvenating!

    A gentle reminder to my colleagues that our Centre for Teaching. Learning & Research website lists external conferences

    Conference funding applications for $600 per full-time staff member per year (maximum $1200), can be found on Mocomotion in the Professional Development channel.

    Cate WH

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