Book Review Contest

Hey Everybody! Just a little note about a contest we’re running for the Spring semester. We invite you to write a review of a book in the Library@Mohawk collection. Fiction reviews are preferred but if you only read non-fiction, that’s no problem, we’ll accept reviews of non-fiction books as well. Check out the reviews written by C.E. students in the Winter Semester for inspiration.

  • We’ll accept submissions until Friday, May 23rd.
  • Your review should be 500 words or 1 page long.
  • Send entries by email to, attach them as Word documents.
  • The book you review must be in the Library@Mohawk’s collection. We’ll accept a donation of a book that you’d like to review if we don’t have it in the collection.
  • The winner will receive a gift certificate from Bryan Prince and mention in the Spring edition of the Library@Mohawk Book Review. One prize will be granted for fiction and one for non-fiction.

If you have any questions contact:


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