Get in the zone!

zoningLooking for a quiet place to study? A room for group study? Take a look at what the Library @ Fennell has to offer!

Our library is organized into four different zones:

1. For individual study with low noise level, visit the left side of the Fennell library. In this zone, students have access to large tables to spread out work as needed.

2. On the right side of the library, individual chairs and smaller tables are situated near the windows. The openness of the area provides a great backdrop for studying.

3. Need more room for group study? Venture to the second floor of the library where students will find many large tables. This area tends to be a little noisier as it gets quite crowded.

4. For an absolute quiet room, try our Quiet Zone Area. Located near the computers directly across from the circulation/reference desk, this room has individual cubbies for students to work or study.

5. Need to book a study room? All rooms available for booking are on the second floor – use the Study Room Booking System to book a room.

Where do YOU like to study? Take our poll!

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