Must. Compute. Quickly! WolframAlpha to the rescue!

And who doesn’t need computations in a hurry? How many times have you found yourself wondering what the GDP is in Estonia and not had anywhere to turn? Well, now you do. WolframAlpha is not your standard run-of-the-mill search engine – it’s a “computational knowledge engine”! This means that you can enter search terms like “GDP” and “Estonia” (or “Canada” or “United States” or wherever) and get the exact number as well as deluxe and beauteous graphs!

wolframalpha search pageBut it doesn’t stop there! You can enter search terms that require computations, mathematical equations, socioeconomic data (mostly U.S.), stock data, engineering calculations and more. I entered “calories Kit Kat” after my Halloween leftover extravaganza and was sorry to see the answer in glorious detail! WolframAlpha also helps out with quick answers to questions that involve measurements – need to know what a nautical mile is, anyway? Just enter it “nautical mile”!

Next time you need a computation in a hurry, check out WolframAlpha!

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