Changes to BRAINlinks!

BRAINlinks, that trusty resource jammed to the max with quality web resources selected by librarians just for you, has just gotten better! Used to be you’d have to click on the quicklinks menu on TheBRAIN and then choose BRAINlinks to get to all of that tasty link goodness! But now, all you need to do is go to the library catalogue and when you perform a search, BRAINlinks will automagically be included in your search results! If there are BRAINlinks that relate to the subject on which you searched – voila, they will show up in the results – along with all of the other items such as books and videos! And….if you want to find only BRAINlinks, just type “brainlinks” into the search box!  Madly in love with BRAINlinks and don’t want to see it go just yet? No worries – it will be sticking around until the end of this semester. It won’t be supported though; please use the Firefox browser to access it.

Okay, so here it is in a nice, tidy nutshell:

1. To find BRAINlinks go to the library catalogue:

2. Type in your search or type in the word brainlinks

brainlinks search in OPAC

Not sure what this library catalogue thingey is? Good news – you’ve probably already used it countless times – it is also known as “books & videos” on TheBRAIN!

A BRAINlink record in the library catalogue


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