So You Think You’re Creative Contest – Winning Entry!

Thank you to all who participated in the Cummings Library & Collaboratory’s So You Think You’re Creative Contest!  We had some excellent entries – we are fortunate to have so many talented and creative students studying here at Mohawk!  It was tough but the contest judges selected the Collaboratory Rap as the winning entry!  Congratulations Justin for a fabulous, fun and totally creative entry! Here it is in case you missed it on the Collaboratory Blog:

Collaboratory Rap

At Mohawk College, the place to be, comes a brand new term, collaboratory.

It’s an innovative and exciting learning space, where you can meet with your friends face to face.

For schoolwork, study, and just plain fun. I go after class to get work done.

Look at this place, nothing it lacks. Don’t believe my word? Then check out these Macs.

To check it out, go to the H wing hall, look at this place, theres vines on the wall!

So fill yourself with lots of knowledge, best place to do it is at Mohawk College.

Justin has won a flip video camera for his winning entry. Thanks again to all who entered!

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