Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Resources to Help You Celebrate!

If you are one of those sorts who “wears the green” on days like today then you’ll be happy to know the library is here to help! No, we aren’t offering green beer in the library today – but we do have some resources to help you get to know this holiday a little better!

History Reference Center is an online database that features full text from more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books, 150 leading history periodicals, historical documents, biographies, photos, maps and videos.  Enter a search on “St. Patrick’s Day” and find some historical journals as well as primary source books.

NetLibrary is an e-book database – that means books are available online in their entirety!  Check out the reference books on anniversaries and holidays as well as some books on party planning if you are hosting a fete of your own!

May the luck of the Irish make all your search results relevant – and if not, come and talk to us in the Library – we can help!

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