Reminder: the library has quiet & silent study space!

quiet studyLooking for some peace and quiet now that exams are approaching? Well, let the library be your H.Q.! Here is a rundown of all the silent and quiet areas:

Cummings Library & Collaboratory: The Cummings Library offers a wealth of space for quiet study as well as the Silent Study room for totally silent study. This room is located at the back of the library, in the Learning Exchange, Fennell Campus. Also at Cummings Library, the Prototype Classroom is open for Silent Study until Thursday, April 21st. Check out the Cummings Library floorplan to see where these areas are located.

Please be respectful of your fellow students – if you would rather not study quietly, the Collaboratory is your spot – it is designed just for groups! The Collaboratory is open until midnight until Thursday, April 21st.  There are sandboxes that you may book for working with your group. Also at Fennell Campus, MCASES, C Wing Hub (at top of ramp) and the Cafeteria have group areas.

IAHS Library: In addition to the collaborative quiet study area (tables & carrels), and individual quiet study (study carrels), room 104C will be a quiet study room (approx. 8 spaces) until April 23rd. See the IAHS Library floorplan.

Brantford: The quiet study area is open as usual. See the Brantford Library floorplan.

STARRT: The quiet study area is open as usual. See the STARRT Library floorplan.

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