Reserved just for you … a computer at the IAHS Library!

What’s easier than ordering a stuffed crust, double cheese, extra gooey, heavy on veggies, lite on the olives,  hold the anchovies pizza…with a side of dipping sauce? Why that would have to be reserving a designated IAHS Library  computer using the Library’s online booking module.  Okay, maybe not as tasty but, it sure is a whole lot quicker and less complicated! And hey, how about the sigh of relief you’ll get from knowing a computer will be available when you need one. Almost as good as the feeling you get when you sink your teeth into the first bite of a really yummy slice.  No more line-ups, no more waiting and no more racing the other guy/gal to the first vacant computer that becomes available. Computers can be reserved for up to 2 hours daily and scheduled over a 2 week period.  How’s that for helping you with time management!  Just login using your Mohawk Library account and that’s about it (except for the tip … just kidding!) Oh, and this “deal” isn’t some Tuesday night special;  it’s available every day of the week.  Watch this super short demo video, so short your slice will still be piping hot!

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