Movember… what’s it all about?

With Movember on the wane and moustaches all over the world about to be shaved off, we thought it only fitting to talk about the cause of all this upper lip hair growth….prostate cancer.  According to the Canadian Cancer Society,  prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men and its incidence is on the rise.  Want to know more about prostate cancer?  The library has some great online resources to help.

AAFP conditions A to Z is a terrific medical reference available online through our Statref  e-book collection.  A great place to start your search for information about prostate cancer, it provides just a brief overview of the disease.

For a more in-depth, but still understandable,  explanation of the condition, check out this comprehensive overview of prostate disorders written by the folks at Johns Hopkins University.   Medical lingo is limited,  just like all the other resources in our  Health Source – Consumer Edition database.

  If the lingo doesn’t scare you, it’s time to play in the big leagues!  Harrison’s principles of internal medicine is one of the most well respected medical texts in the world.  It’s also available to you completely online through the library and has a whole chapter on benign and malignant diseases of the prostate.

Next Movember…grow that moustache and wow your friends with everything you’ve discovered about prostate cancer!

(Thanks to Lady in the Radiator for the moustache image found on Flickr).

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