Leaders: nature or nuture?

We never seem to tire of inspecting, analyzing, ranking and commiserating about the leadership in our lives.   But what actually makes a great leader?  Canadian Business magazine recently published their 2011 edition of  Portraits in leadership in which 20 business leaders reflect upon what it takes to motivate and inspire.  Our final business book display of the year addresses this question from the perspective of researchers who have spent their careers studying the best and the brightest.

Warren Bennis has been an established expert in the field of leadership for over three decades.  He was one of the first researchers to propose that leaders are not born but that good managers can develop into great leaders by acquiring the appropriate competencies.  This book is one of his first and a classic.

The leadership challenge has made a few lists of classic texts on the subject.  Now in its fourth edition, it has been called the “most trusted source on becoming a better leader.”

Leading for innovation brings together the ideas of a number of business thinkers including Jim Collins, Howard Gardner, Charles Handy and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.  Its focus is on the qualities required to lead innovators and to develop a culture of innovation.  Compiled by board members of  the foundation formed by famed management consultant, Peter Drucker, it will likely make the classic lists someday too!

These books are all available in the Cummings Library and will be on display in the bizHUB until December 16.

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