Read all about it … Science Magazine … we’ve got it!

You don’t have to be Bill Nye the science guy to be fired-up about the Library’s newest online subscription to Science! If there is something happening in the field of science that’s worth knowing about,  you can be sure to read about it here first.  Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and ranked 15th overall worldwide (and that’s out of some 8,000 other science publications),  it is one of the leading scientific journals for original research, global news and commentary.  Whether you live and breathe science or are just a little curious, you’ll be inspired by the calibre of information presented and the extensive range of subjects covered… everything from astronomy to oceanography (even the most microscopic of organisms) to philosophy and sociology.  If, after reading an article, you find yourself hankering to learn more (and you will), you can listen to the podcast interview available with selected articles.  If that’s not enough to get you fired-up,  the astonishing photography in every week’s issue just might have you asking for a super duper high-powered microscope for your next birthday! Explore the latest edition of Science because there is always something fascinating to discover in every week’s issue.

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