Become strategic in the bizHUB!

When it comes to the “bibles” on strategic planning in business,  there are “oldies but goodies” that still carry  a whole lot of weight.  Check some out this week in the bizHUB.

We’re featuring strategy guru and McGill prof, Henry Mintzberg, who published several tomes on strategic planning in the 90s.  Check out Strategy Safari…which was recently re-released due to popular demand! It attempts to explain the pros and cons of several schools of thinking about business strategy and to cull the pearls of wisdom from each.

In search of excellence by Tom Peters was at every manager’s fingertips in the 80s!  It’s been called the greatest business book of all time and it, too, has been re-released in the new millenium for today’s struggling CEOs. Tom is indeed keeping up with the times…check out his channel on Youtube! You’ll find more on strategy there.

If the design side of advertising is strategic, then our third display item is not only strategic but fun!  Our first issue of Applied Arts magazine just arrived and it’s a real eye catcher!  Advertising students will not want to miss this one!

The week’s weather forecast is looking lovely.  The bizHUB offers great space, great light and great reading!  Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy them all.

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