IAHS Library prepares to go more hi-tech!

Perhaps you’ve noticed a new face in the IAHS Library? Stacey is a second year Library and Information Technician student from Seneca College and is here for another week doing a field placement. You’ll find Stacey working away in the Library’s stacks. Not because we want to keep her hidden away, oh gosh never! In fact, she is here to help us with the first step of a very important and exciting project for the library that requires the entire collection to be radio frequency identification tagged, RFID for short. Sounds a little like something out of some cheesy futuristic Sci fi 50’s thriller, but rest assured,  we’re not getting ready for extraterrestrials, at least not quite yet!  We’re getting ready for self-checkout. Maybe you’ve already given it a spin? It’s up and running at Cummings Library and so far no reports of any Martian sightings!  Please join us in welcoming Stacey to our team;  she’s very down to earth and friendly!

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