The other TED! … popcorn optional

What do you get when you combine innovation, technology and imagination? … TED, Technology Entertainment and Design. Whether you’re a newcomer to TED, only tune-in from time to time to scrounge stimulating dinnertime conversation or are a devoted follower you’ll want to checkout Daniel Kraft’s riveting, fast-paced TED talk … Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that.  Not convinced this is something for you? Imagine a watch that measures your heart rate, robotic e-legs for paraplegics, or an i-pill that takes pictures of your GI track and that’s just for starters! While the subject matter covered may seem more science fiction than reality; genomics, digital medicine, robotic surgery and nanomedicine it is presented in such way to be exciting, surprisingly down to earth easy to understand and even humorous! TED talks always jam packed with epic stuff that will have you nudging the person next to you saying “hey, you’ve got to see this…”

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