Casanova: the love librarian



His name is synonymous with the art of seduction, but did you know Casanova was a librarian as well?!! Giancomo Casanova is known for his ways with the ladies but he was also a figure in the library world!  In 1785, after years of pursuing various women and partying with history’s major players such as Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire and Catherine the Great, he finally settled down as librarian for the Bohemian Count Waldstein.  From there he penned his controversial memoir which was put on the Vatican’s index of banned books in 1821.  Nearly 200 years later, his original manuscript was purchased in 2010 for 9.6 million.  Not bad for someone who was considered too risqué for his time.  Want to learn more about this lovin’ librarian?  Check out this cool article entitled Casanova slept here or watch the Era of Libertinism segment from the Love series found on our Films on Demand database.

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