Keep calm and library on!

The fall semester is back into full swing and that free time you had in the summer is gone! Your calendar, once filled with days at the beach or backyard BBQ’s, is now filled with a full time class schedule, assignments due and that part-time job sucking up your weekend.  With all this on your plate, it’s easy to understand how students get stressed so easily!  So the question is, how do you find calm in the madness? If that question has you baffled and wanting to throw your laptop across the room, DO NOT PANIC, the library is here to help!

Firstly, at Cummings library we have a quiet study room where absolute silence is enforced.  This type of silent environment is perfect for working on assignments or just winding down in-between classes.  Don’t worry if  noisy Nelly is seated beside you and  listening to Norwegian death metal on her laptop, we  have library staff policing these areas to ensure they stay quiet!

Secondly, we have variety of subject guides dedicated to helping students succeed including these gems: Self Help and Study Skills.  These guides provide a variety of resources geared to help you the student succeed in both your personal and school life.  

Lastly, we recommend this soothing website Calm, a page dedicated to relaxation . From the soothing sounds of nature to the picturesque visuals, this website is guaranteed to take you from stress ball to cool as a cucumber! So please let the library help you de-stress and just remember to take a deep breath and breathe!

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