What could happen in a hospital….

Want to find out about a real patient’s experience in the hospital??? Read the book, My operation: a health insider becomes a patient, and see what happened to Sholom Glouberman, and what led to his forming the Patients’ Association of Canada. This book includes some nurses’ and doctors’ notes, patient education information and is available from the library!!

And to help keep you healthy, look up facts on the flu, in this online videoPreventing flu and pneumonia, which outlines the science behind influenza and pneumonia and the conditions that contribute to the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Mohawk’s Health Services is another great site to check out!

Or dance along to the energetic music video featuring the local band Doctor, Doctor,  playing I want to wash my hands.

Want to track the flu? Check out this app. Influ.  Use the Influ mobile app to anonymously share flu-like symptoms in your location.

Enter the IAHS  library, glance to your right, and you’ll locate the hand sanitizer ! Plus for your sniffles we’ll even offer tissues!!

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