It’s Open Access Week!

free is goodDid you know it’s Open Access Week…that special time of year when we celebrate FREE and OPEN access to information!
What are some examples of FREE and OPEN content? Well, let us tell you!  Here is just a small sample of the great resources made available to you in the spirit of openness and sharing:

Directory of Open Access Journals – loads of free, scholarly stuff!
Public Library of Science – free and open scholarly journals in the area of science (biology, medicine, genetics, etc.)
Project Gutenburg – public domain books made freely available for you!

Open access in the news…

Two recent developments are making headlines in the area of open access:

  • More and more researchers are making their research available in open access repositories instead of in expensive journals. This means easier access for you! Read a recent article on this topic
  • Many universities are making their courses freely available online – again, more quality content freely available for everyone! See more information about edX

Happy Open Access Week!

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