Students are Stressed!!!!

4797410081_c961740137_nDon’t stress out! It’s that time of year – exams, and students need to look after themselves. Here are some tips from the library to help you!

A streamed video from Films on Demand, Students cope with stress, offers quick pointers for managing stress. While, Stress relief strategies: exercise, relaxation, and alternative methods, gives useful information to try.

A videodisc, Academic success, smart tips for serious students. Episode 6, Studying and test-taking, focuses on how to increase understanding of course material, enhance memorization, and improve performance during exams.

Put on your earphones and relax to the audio cd by Eli Bay, Sleep, which lulls you to  deep relaxation, and letting go of stress.

The books, Keys to success : building successful intelligence and achieving your goals, covers time management, reducing stress levels, and sharpening test-taking skills. Stress management and prevention : applications to daily life, gives pointers on effective study habits.

Proper food choices need to be followed. The online video, Eating Habits of Students, gives suggestions.

Another great source is the Study skills Subject Guide: Dealing with stress.

So study, exercise, sleep, eat, and for a laugh, check out Booba, the dancing shih tzu!!


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