Writing: It’s a process!

Welcome back!  You’ve made it.  You survived the fall semester, and the winter semester’s complement of new assignments awaits.

For some of you, if you’re anything as I was as a student, the idea of having to write all those assessments fills you with a feeling of both excitement and dread.

You’re excited for the opportunity to learn lots of new things; yet, all the while, the idea of having to put fingers to keyboard and write is filling you with a sense of dread.

So, while you may not like the idea of having to write that essay or report, in order to pass your courses, you will have to complete the assignments, and that means writing.

While writing can be a hard task, the College makes available resources, and services, to help you learn how to make the process less arduous.

In fact, a good place to start is with the Writing Skills subject guide.  Here, you can find links to general resources on grammar & spelling, writing guides, writing tips, as well as program specific writing resources.  Since academic writing requires you to reference informational sources, you can find how to do this by using the APA Help subject guide. Here, you will find examples of the most common types of sources referenced in APA format.  To see if you’ve mastered how to paraphrase those sources successfully, try submitting your writing to Turnitin using the library’s generic account.

While these resources are really useful, sometimes when it comes to writing you need to talk to someone who can guide you in the writing process.  When this is needed, contact the Writing Centre, they are dedicated to helping you develop written communication skills.   As well as offering service at five campuses, the Writing Centre now offers online writing consultation service.

Nancy Whetstone

Brantford Campus Library

Writing Process image retrieved from Flikr and used under the  Creative Commons license.

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