Stay healthy this winter

The cold weather is here and so are those winter time illnesses.  The common cold and the flu are spreading like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.  Staying healthy this winter may be challenging…but possible.  The City of Hamilton Public Health office suggests following these tips to avoid getting the flu:

1)  Wash your hands:

– before handling or eating food

– after using the toilet or urinal

– after sneezing or wiping your nose

– after changing diapers

– whenever hands are dirty

2)  Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze.

3)  Get a flu shot every year and keep your immunizations up to date. This will help your immune system stay healthy and prevent you from getting sick with a vaccine preventable illness.

4)  Stay home if you are sick, so you don’t spread your germs.

5)  Don’t share personal items (water bottles, cups, cigarettes, food).

6)  Get enough rest, exercise and eat properly.

The Occupational Health and Safety department at Mohawk College has a bulletin that provides some tips on how you can protect yourself from getting a cold of flu.  The Health Office is offering flu shots at both the Fennell and IAHS campuses.  MCACES is also helping you get on the road to healthy eating too!  Sign up here to attend the seminar “Eating Well on a Shoe String Budget” that MCACES is hosting on January 30th at 6:30pm.

If you want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle the library is the place for you.  Check out the magazines and journals that the library has to offer – there is something for everyone!  The library has a variety of books that can help you tackle the common cold, understand the importance of immunization, and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Find some of our best resources, handpicked by library staff.

Stay warm and stay healthy!

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