When was the last time you asked “why”?

Image   Keynote speaker at last night’s President’s dinner was CBC broadcaster and star of the Lang and O’Leary Exchange, Amanda Lang.  Included in Toronto Life’s 2012 list of the city’s 50 most influential people, Lang is also the author of a book called The power of why.   Years of research and interviews with innovators all over the world have convinced Lang that the kind of curiosity and ability to question which is so common in children is a critical component for innovation.  In a fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining talk, Lang told some great stories about the innovators she met and the questions they asked to arrive at their eureka moments.  She also had lots to say about innovation in education, or the lack thereof, and challenged us to find meaningful ways to help our students develop and exercise their curious sides.

Missed the dinner?  Check out The power of why from the Library!  We have two copies just waiting to be devoured! powerofwhy

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