Burn off the bunny!

bunnyHave those commercials with the chocolate eggs been tempting you? It can be difficult to resist them especially when they are conveniently located at the check out of your local grocery store.  The good news is you can have your chocolate bunny and eat it too! Before you go to the gym check out the libraries resources dedicated to exercise. This fitness page on our Health and Wellness subject guide provides a listing of great books, e-books, magazines, websites plus more.  With all this useful information right at your finger tips you can eat that decadent chocolate bunny and burn it off with some good old fashioned hard work!  If you live near the mountain, why not take a go at the stairs. These stairs are used by those who want to really feel the burn as well as build up their strength and endurance! The library is closed for Good Friday, so why not use this day off to run the stairs but be sure to stretch after or your quads will be mighty sore the next day!

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