Lookin’ for a New Feed Reader

With the news that Google is retiring their Reader in July, many of you (or at least some of you) may be looking for a new RSS feed reader.  The blogosphere was filled with protest over the announcement but it doesn’t look like Google is going to change direction on this one.

There is lots out there about about replacements.  One reader that is mentioned a lot is Feedly, apparently it is pretty straightforward to migrate your Google feeds to Feedly.
The folks at Digg are also going to offer a replacement for Google’s reader. There are other options.  Lifehacker has posted some reviews of various readers that people who use Google’s reader might want to try.

Not sure what an RSS feed reader is?  They are a great way to bring blog content from all over the Web into one spot for convenient browsing and reading.  You just knew that the library would have some information for you…

Here’s a quick video from the library’s Commoncraft collection:  RSS in Plain English

And here’s a book that might help if you’re faculty considering using RSS with students:  RSS for Educators:  Blogs, newscasts, podcasts and wikis in the Classroom.

Have you found the perfect replacement or have you always used and loved something other than Google’s Reader?  Let us know!!

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