Thinking about the Environment


This is a solar powered plug!! How cool is that? Stick it on the window and you can charge a small device – like a smart phone for example.  It is still just a prototype and apparently only available for Europe.  Here’s hoping it comes our way soon.  If you want to read more about it check out this blog post from  Apparently there are people quibbling about the fact that it is only powerful enough to charge small devices and only provides about 10 hours of battery life.  But really, free energy? Like the blogger in the Oilprice post says, “…but what other portable devices do people carry around with them that sometimes need urgent charging in remote locations?” 

Are you thinking about the enviroment?  Are you in our Energy Systems Engineering Technology program?  We have great info for you!  Check out the library’s Subject guide and find great books, journals, magazines and more!

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