Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?

ImagePerhaps you noticed the recent furor caused by a post in Business Insider about A & F’s focus only on customers who are thin and “cool”?  Several major news outlets picked up on the story and an online petition has been started!    Will this affect their bottom line?  Check out this SWOT analysis of A & F from the Library’s Business Source Premier database to find out.

Should A & F become more “gender intelligent”?   Find out about this concept in Joanne Thomas Yaccato’s book, available from the Cummings Library.  Is there a methobuymed to their madness?  Perhaps this is one of the “new ways to get customers to choose your product and ignore the rest”?  (Read our e-book, Buy me, to find out about all the other ways!)

Let us know what you think… are you outraged?  Will you stop shopping at A & F?  Is this just niche marketing at its finest?

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