Put your best foot forward, May is foot health awareness month!

feet infographicThe month of May for many of us awakens that spring rite of passage to kick off our shoes, pull off our socks in favour of sandals and flip flops! Eek, do your feet look like they’ve been hibernating all winter? Ahh, those poor forgotten soles! Our feet certainly do take a pounding … according to the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine the average person walks about 6 kilometres a day. Over a lifetime that works out to roughly the equivalent of walking around the earth 4 times so it’s no wonder they’re a little bedraggled!

If that isn’t reason enough to give your feet the TLC treatment your feet can be the first indicator that something may be afoot with your health. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in our feet.  It is estimated  that 75% of Canadians will experience at least one foot problem in their lives. Most foot problems though are not due to hereditary but due to a lack of awareness of proper care and improper shoe fitting. In other words preventable!

Feet don’t come with an owner’s manual but learning how to take care of them is the first step to keeping them healthy & happy! The good news is when it comes to finding foot care information, you already have so to speak, a foot in the door, with  Mohawk library! Put your feet up (they love to be elevated) and check out these selected resources …

foot doctorBook: Healthy feet: The foot Doctor’s complete guide for men and women. … Like the title says “complete”!

neale Book: Neale’s disorders of the foot …  This book is pretty hardcore so not for the sqeamish of heart!


e- article: Foot care basics … quick  tips & just 7 steps to healthy feet!

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