Say good-bye to TheBRAIN

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In an effort to streamline and clarify the library’s services, the Library is retiring the “BRAIN” brand over the summer months. “TheBRAIN” was a popular name for the library website for over 10 years. Did you know that when we first launched TheBRAIN, the word “BRAIN” was an acronym for Basic Research and Advanced Information Node?

While we will miss that trusty name, we realize that calling the library website what it is (library website) will make life easier for our students, faculty, staff and other users of our services. The following changes have occurred:

  • the library website URL has changed from to  Please update your bookmarks and any references you have to the old URL. The old URL will work for the coming year while we make the transition.
  •  the library email address has changed from: to:  We will monitor both inboxes for the coming year.

Soon, we will be removing references to “TheBRAIN” throughout the library site – we’ll even be changing this very blog’s URL – we will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

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