International museum day

AGHAre you looking for something to do on the long weekend?  Why not explore some local museums on Saturday in support of International Museum Day.  This annual event held in May was first organized in 1977 and is recognized internationally.  The International Council of Museums (ICOM) represents museums and museum professionals and declares “[t]his day is an occasion to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society.”

The library has many resources to help you learn more about museums, art and exhibitions.  Take some time to browse this list of resources to see what the library has to offer.  For other books, videos and much more, search the library catalogue – you never know what might inspire you.  Films on Demand offers great online videos that provide information about art, museums, and artists.  This playlist contains just a few of the videos that this database has to offer.

The city of Hamilton has lots of great galleries; the forecast has some good weather too, so it’s the perfect weekend to get out and explore.  The Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH), the McMaster Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Gallery are just a couple of local galleries from a long list to choose from.  Click the links provided for more location information about museums and galleries.

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