National Parks Project

The National Parks Project (NPP) “…aims to explore the ways in which the wilderness shapes our cultural imagination.”  The emphasis of this project is the parks themselves, but it is also an opportunity to showcase Canadian filmmakers and musicians.  A soundtrack has been produced and is available for distribution; a 20-track CD and 26-song double vinyl record are available for purchase.  Proceeds from the sales of the soundtrack will assist the Nature Conservancy of Canada, an organization dedicated to protecting ecologically significant land.  The CBC has this article that offers more information about the NPP, which musicians are involved in the project, and you can even listen to a sample of some the music on the soundtrack.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

The library has compiled this list of resources to help you learn more about Canada’s national parks and conservancy.  For those of you who have a passion for music the library has everything you need; take a look at the music subject guide for books, videos, online resources, and much more!  However, if you’re more comfortable working behind the scenes and interested in television and film, check out the Broadcasting: Television & Communications Media subject guide.

Parks Canada has this list of National Parks in Ontario, or you can browse this list of parks found across this great country.  Have you visited a national park recently?  Tell us about your experience or send us a picture – we’d love to hear from you.

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