Achoo…spring is here and so are seasonal allergies!


Cherry blossoms certainly are synonymous with spring. Who can resist stopping to take in their fresh sweet fragrance? Ahh spring at last! Mind you, if you are one of the millions of Canadians who suffer from seasonal allergies (aka allergic rhinitis), you may want to think twice before you inhale even the minutest of whiffs. As tempting as they are beautiful, cherry blossoms are about as good for you as kryptonite was for Superman!

So then, what’s a seasonal allergy sufferer to do? Anxiously count the days until the first frost of fall? Not if the Library can do something about it! Just think of us as your information allergy superhero (minus the cape!) For starters,  check out Health Central’s spring allergy infographic.  It will show you at a glance what you will want to avoid and what you’re safe to enjoy! 

Did you know that what you eat could aggravate your symptoms? Even the good stuff like fruits and veggies can be the culprit. Learn what you’ll want to leave off your grocery list and get the best advice from Canadian medical and allergy experts in the June issue of Canadian Living allergy survival guide.  If you have an iphone, you’ll want to download this very cool and, did we mention free, WebMD allergy app. The spring issue of the NIH MedlinePlus magazine features an  article that is nothing to sneeze at, How to control your seasonal allergies.

We hope this information will help you during allergy season to nip those icky allergy symptoms in the bud! Hang-in  – only 248 days until the first day of fall arrives, (September 22.)  Groan!

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