Raffi talks about social media, the Red Hood Project, & Beluga grads

Raffi-big-384x420In a recent article by Maclean’s, famous children’s icon Raffi discussed social media, protecting children, and Beluga grads.  The mere mention of his name brings back childhood memories; you’re probably already singing one of his classic tunes in your head right now.  (Don’t deny it, you know you are.)  The Canadian singer/songwriter is also an author, and has written a book about social media.  The book, Lightweb Darkweb: 3 Good reasons to reform social media before it re-forms us, examines the impact of technology on children.  Raffi explains that it, “…calls on society to take seriously the impact of what I call “shiny tech” on early childhood, on child development, on societal intelligence.”

Raffi is an advocate, and one of three founding partners, of the Red Hood Project – an organization that calls for the social media industry to control and protect children’s privacy online.  Raffi encourages us all to support “…the movement that’s demanding safety by design.”  He argues that the $60 billion social media industry has the means to make these necessary changes to develop “…systemic remedies to [close] the security gap.”   The Red Hood Project asks everyone to support their cause by reading the form letter to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, sign and submit it.  It’s a fairly simple request, to help such a worthwhile cause.

During an interview on the popular CBC program, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, Raffi talks about his career and explains that his “…politics is child honouring” and appeals to what he calls “Beluga grads” (adults who have grown up with his music) to advocate for children, ask more from our politicians, and expect nothing less than a better society for all.  Raffi also spoke at a TED conference and his presentation can be found here.

To learn more about privacy online, click here for a list of some of the resources that the library has to offer.  You can follow Raffi on Twitter, @Raffi_RC.

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