Why do YOU love Lulu?

logo-lululemon You’d be hard pressed these days to find anyone who can’t identify this logo.    Little Canadian upstart, Lululemon, has grown from a single store in a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood to a world-wide retailing wonder.  Last year, it  ranked #7 in the annual list of Canada’s most valuable brands.   2013, however, has been a tough year for our favourite lifestyle clothing maker:   first the controversy over its see through yoga pants, then the recent announcement that the CEO was leaving.

Will our incredible loyalty to this brand save it?  Canadian marketing trade mag,  Strategy , documents some of the company’s interesting approaches to encouraging customer loyalty.brandpromise   Find out how other companies have achieved this goal in our e-book, The BrandPromise: how Costco, Ketel One, Make-a-wish, Tourism Vancouver, and other leading brands make and keep the promise that guarantees success! 

Let us know why YOU love Lulu!

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