Roll out the welcome mat, it’s World UFO Day!

ufo-flying saucerJuly 2nd is World UFO day!  The day commemorates the  1947  Roswell,  New Mexico UFO  incident. Did you know Canada is home to the world’s first UFO landing pad? Cool, eh! The town of St. Paul, Alberta built it back in 1967. Perhaps, they may have been on to something? According to a CBC report , UFO sightings in Canada are, so to speak, way up there, with  nearly 2,000 reported in 2012, almost doubling those reported the previous year. Have you ever seen or thought you saw a UFO?

In 1938,  CBS radio listeners where glued to their radios convinced they were being invaded by visitors from another world, yikes! In fact, they had been hoaxed and were listening to a special radio adaptation of the H.G. Wells, 1898 science fiction classic War of the Worlds , directed by  Orson Welles.  These days, it might not be quite so easy to fool people!   However, you can still find plenty of people gasping and jumping out of their seats at the theatre watching the latest Sci-Fi flick.  Do you have a favourite UFO  movie … War of the Worlds,  Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Independence Day E.T.,  Alien ? Not one of these,  why not share your favourite with us by leaving a comment below?

Have a fun and far out World UFO Day and, if you happen to spot something a bit suspicious in the sky, why not give the folks in St. Paul, Alberta a heads-up … hotline 1-888-SEE-UFOS.

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