Colleagues at Conferences, Importance of Libraries and July 4th!

Whew! Sorry for the long title but there is lots to say today.  Our own Shantal Woolsey, a Language Studies professor, is representing Mohawk College at the ISATT (International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching) conference taking place in Belgium.  Yesterday, Shantal was part of a panel discussing Critical Issues in Higher Education (hmm, perhaps that’s a topic for another post!).  It is great to see Mohawk folks out moving and shaking in the higher ed. world.  We look forward to hearing more from Shantal upon her return. 

This morning Shantal sent a photo from one of the sessions she attended – and lo and behold it is a picture of the American Library Association declaration for the Right to Libraries!   Nice to know that libraries are being discussed at teacher/teaching conferences, we kinda think we fit in there rather nicely.  Whether you have fond memories of a school or public library or think your own Mohawk College Library is an important place, we’d love to hear from you about your library memories. 

Last, since it is July 4th and the Right to Libraries is from the American Library Association (and you probably noticed that the following is more than a nod to the Declaration of Independence) – we say, “Happy 4th” to our American friends. 


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