It’s elementary

periodictable2We’ve all had to learn the periodic table of elements at some point in our academic careers.  Definitely a test of memory and endurance!   If you’re taking Chemistry and stressed by learning about these 100+ chemical building blocks, take heart … the Library has some great resources to help!   Check them out on this page of the Chemical Engineering Technology subject guide.   You’ll find songs, interactive periodic tables and, of course, books and videos.

The songs are the most fun! In this little ditty newperiodictablesongfrom ASAP Science, the elements are sung in order, including the more recently discovered ones.   This “new” periodic table song is based on the 1959 original  by Tom Lehrer, which is still a fave of many.  (There were only 102 elements way back then and he sang them to fit the music.)

If you’re a Tolkien fan, check out this Periodic Table of Middle Earth.   It won’t help you learn about the elements but might provide a giggle and a little stress relief!

Do you have a favourite resource about the periodic table?  Let us know.

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