Let’s show the international students a warm Canadian welcome!

welcome matFor any student, the start of the new school year can be both exciting and terrifying.

However, the many new and returning international students who have just moved here from around the world to take classes at Mohawk College experience all that and more!

According to a recent article, “Canada aggressively courts foreign students: How to help them fit it”, written by James Bradshaw, published in The Globe and Mail (2013, August 28, p. A8),  what international students crave the most is the opportunity to make connections with Canadians.

With Canadians having a reputation for being a polite, mannerly country, why don’t we all show these new international students some good old fashion Canadian hospitality and invite them for a coffee and some conversation?  Remember, learning English as a foreign language is challenging.  So, if you come across any students who need help learning the language, the Library has resources that can help.

Check out the  ESL resources for students  subject guide.

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