The most important decision of your life!

 your careerChoosing a college program … and ultimately a career… is a daunting task.   Have you chosen to follow in the footsteps of a parent or sibling or friend?  Will you find the same passion for the program or career as they have?  Is there something else out there that might be perfect for you?  So much to consider!

College programs have changed a whole lot over the last many years.  Take a gander at Mohawk’s list of full-time offerings and you’ll see some occupational titles I’ll bet you haven’t heard of before: Concurrent Disorders, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Motive Power.  Check out our Continuing Education catalogue and the list of cutting edge possibilities grows further (Forensic Mental Health, Bereavement Support, Tea Sommelier!).CEcalendar

If your main educational goal is to acquire skills and knowledge that will result in a job, make sure you choose the right field.  Check out this list of recent reports and articles which identify Canada’s hottest occupations and how to position yourself to get one of those jobs.  Try SokanuIt’s a new Canadian website designed to match your passions with a career field.  Prefer the personal touch?  Make an appointment with one of Mohawk’s great counsellors for some career clarification!

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