Online Socializing and Networking

Around here we’ve been reviewing our social media stats – we’re posting and tweeting more and more of you are reading and following us.  We appreciate the interest and we’re hoping to keep it! 

So, what’s your go to spot? If it’s Facebook you’re not alone. More than 19 million Canadians log in at least once a month. It was way back in 2007 that Time magazine reported that there are more Google searches for the word Facebook than the word porn.  It’s still true today – check out Google Trends.  Maybe you follow folks on Twitter?  Pinterest anyone? How about an RSS feed?  What does your online community mean to you?  Family? Friends? School?

Do you think about keeping up with your chosen/soon-to-be profession online?  As a college student, it’s not a bad idea to start immersing yourself in the world of your profession.  Find some relevant blogs and twitter feeds to follow.  Believe it or not, graduation isn’t far away and you’ll soon be job hunting. It’d be great to be able to impress people in cover letters and interviews with your interest and knowledge about your profession.  To help you out with that,  the library is starting to add some new content to our Subject Guides.  Look for a new Trends and Issues tab on your program guide – Here’s an example on our Broadcasting – Radio guide.  We’ve posted some news we think is of interest (we’ll continue to do that regularly).  We’ve also listed some websites and blogs that you might want to follow.  Follow along on the subject guide or start you own following with the tool of your choice.  Give it a try.  Send us your thoughts.

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